Parent Voices Count

Parent Voices Count is a group of parents who in recent years have been told that their child a life-threatening or life-limiting illness

About Us

We are parents who have been told their child has a life-limiting or life-threatening condition or, have been bereaved.

Established in 2011 by the North West Children’s Palliative Care Network, our work embraces peer support, advocacy and service improvement.

Get Involved!

If you think you would benefit from meeting people in similar circumstances and believe that services need to be more accessible and responsive to parent, carer and family voices, we currently run an informal meetup (see…), usually on the first Monday evening of each month in Oldham. We plan to run a monthly meetup in Merseyside in the near future.

Parents And Carers

There are currently 49,000 children and young people with complex healthcare needs in the UK. Though not a large group, the complexity of needs and severity of conditions has repercussions for parents. For example, we are often isolated because we have children who are very different and have fewer opportunities for interaction with parents and carers of children with similar needs.


It is normal practice for healthcare settings to plan for the involvement of users in the review and design of services. These approaches, by reaching out to the people that regularly use a setting or service hope to ensure that they are accessible and responsive to the specific needs of users.

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