It is normal practice for healthcare settings to plan for the involvement of users in the review and design of services. These approaches, by reaching out to the people that regularly use a setting or service hope to ensure that they are accessible and responsive to the specific needs of users.

Parent Voices Count! provides professionals in the local North West healthcare sector an opportunity to explore their own practice and, its impact on children and young people, through the point of view of parents and carers of children with life-limiting, life-threatening conditions, and those recently bereaved.

The involvement of service users in children’s palliative care is nuanced, with parents and carers more often having to interpret their children’s needs and advocate on their behalf. What is more, given the complex and multiple needs of our children, and the time we spend with them, we are well placed, perhaps ideally so, to afford professionals with unique expert perspectives.

Parent Voices Count! recognises the value of pooling parental and professional expertise through genuine partnerships, in shaping and informing children’s palliative services.

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